Here are some things that Andrew has written that you can listen to/read/watch online. (Some are UK only and not available at all times.)

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The Numtums, Series 2: 25. Picture Perfect
The Numtums, Series 2: 25. Picture Perfect

Bendy Go gets a delivery of a camera from cousin Kakadu who asks him to take a picture of the Numtums all together. But with Billy and Larry away and unable to help, Bendy Go can't work out how he can press the button and be in the photo. Dar Dar thinks her speed will help her press the button and get back to be in the photo, while Little Sandy thinks her extendable hand will help.

Meanwhile, on the Adventures of Super Numtum, Fluffy plans to take over the world by using her music box to play disco music, the one thing that Super Numtum is powerless to resist. With Super Numtum dancing there will be no one to stop her.

The Numtums, Series 3: 20. Hobart's Hand Bells
The Numtums, Series 3: 20. Hobart's Hand Bells

Hobart orders some hand bells so he can put on a show for everyone. The only problem is he can't play them!

The other Numtums have lots of ideas to help Hobart master bell ringing. They suggest playing the bells in the right order, playing them on roller skates and Little Sandy even builds him a special bell-playing machine, the Ding Dong Bell-o-matic, but none of them work.

Maybe it's time to send the hand bells back? Or maybe The Adventures of Super Numtum will provide the answer to Hobart's problems?