Here are some things that Andrew has written that you can listen to/read/watch online. (Some are UK only and not available at all times.)

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Olobob Top, Series 1: 6. Bad Luck
Olobob Top, Series 1: 6. Bad Luck

Nothing seems to be going right for Tib, and it turns out it's all down to a sad character called Bad Luck! So the Olobobs create Gigglegoon, who turns all their luck around through laughter.

Olobob Top, Series 1: 12. Mister Nobody
Olobob Top, Series 1: 12. Mister Nobody

Someone is playing tricks on everyone else. Deeno suggests it must be Mister Nobody. So the Olobobs go and create him! He confronts Deeno, who admits he was the trickster. No harm done Deeno!

Olobob Top, Series 1: 16: Hotel Bobble
Olobob Top, Series 1: 16. Hotel Bobble

Bobble builds a hotel for the Scuttlies, but it's too well made. They create Scooper Dooper, who transforms it and builds a bigger one for the Olobobs to have a holibob too!

Olobob Top, Series 1: 17. Deeno's Disco
Olobob Top, Series 1: 17. Deeno's Disco

Deeno's throwing a fancy dress disco, but there's nothing for Lalloo to wear. They create Lickety Split, who helps her make her own sparkly costume - much to her surprise!

Olobob Top, Series 1: 32. Flying Visit
Olobob Top, Series 1: 32. Flying Visit

When a spaceship lands, the Olobobs have trouble communicating with their visiting friend. With some laughter and the pulling of funny faces, they're soon off on a space ride.

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Olobob Top, Series 1: 35. Shellbobs
Olobob Top, Series 1: 41. Giant Rocks
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